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Awesome! it’s great quality and perfectly executed. I am just in love with the Bar Necklace. I am wearing it daily for the past 3 months and the polish has not faded.


I can’t believe how amazingly well it goes with my saree. Thank you namestrings.


All 4 of my loved ones in one necklace. Looks super cute.

Shubham Jain

I gifted this to my wife on our anniversary. She was completely amazed and her reaction was priceless.


I bought this for my daughter as Diwali gift. I gifted it to her today. She loved it and they truly suited her. Since this pair is from namestrings , I need not say much about the quality. I love the brand!

Sana S

So special because it has the names of my family engraved on it.


Got this as my birthday gift. Can’t get my eyes over it.


Looks very modern. unique concept haven’t seen anything like this before.


The heart design is very nice. Excellent choice for couples.

Madhu Mishra

Must have. Reminds me of my family & loved ones.